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DR.  ROMANES ANI> SALLY             .              CHAP.

regarding this Ape as anything but a Chimpanzee. The animal
has the ways and manners of the Chimpanzee; lias a cry exactly
like that of ^A. troglodytes ; does not beat her breast like a Gorilla
when annoyed. Anatomical knowledge, however, of this specimen
is at present wanting.

AntJiropopithecus calvus l seems to be at least as much entitled
to  distinction   as  the  last.     It  was  originally  described  by   du

FIG. 277.—Young Orang-Utan.    Simla, satyrus.    JS&itschrift fur JSthnologie (Anthropolog.
GesellscJiqft), Bd. viii.    (From Wiederslxeim's Structure of Man.)
Ohaillu; but Dr. Gray who examined the skins thought that the
baldness was accidental, and then after this wise caution pro-
ceeded to describe, under the name of *A+ tyellerosus, perhaps the
<f worst" species of Chimpanzee that has been added to thre
unnecessarily long list of " species ** of Chimpanzees. To this
variety belonged " Sally " 2 of the Zoo, whose intelligence has been
celebrated by the late Dr. Komanes. The form is characterised
1  See also Duckworth, JProc. Zool. Soc. 1898, p. 989.
2  For tlie structure of this Ape see Beddard, Trany. Zool. Soc. aciii. 1893, p. 177 j
and ftrr experiments on her intelligence, Romanes, Prod, Zool. Soc. 1889, p. S16.